Other May 2, 2022

How to Garden with Flowers

How to Garden with Flowers

Planting flowers is easy if you know how. For transplants:

  • Dig a hole just slightly bigger than the plant’s rootball.
  • Tap each side of the container to loosen the rootball.
  • Place one hand over the top of the rootball and turn the container upside down, so the rootball is resting on your hand.
  • Pull the container off with the other hand.
  • Set the rootball in the hole right side up.
  • Cover the rootball with loose soil and press down firmly.
  • Water the rootball thoroughly.

For seeds: 

  • Prepare your soil by scraping off the top layer of soil with a shovel and rake it to gently loosen.
  • Sprinkle the seeds liberally around the planting area.
  • Sprinkle potting soil over the top.
  • Water thoroughly.


  • Plant bulbs in areas with good drainage.
  • Don’t use commercial fertilizer or fresh manure when planting.
  • When cutting flowers, cut as little foliage as possible because that’s where food is stored for next year’s blooming.
  • Let foliage die on its own before trimming it back or digging up bulbs. Don’t trim back healthy green foliage or the bulb will not perform well next year.